Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Tuscaloosa and Hale County

National History

The Administration on Aging launched RSVP in 1971, allowing retired persons in America to continue leading active lives while contributing to the needs of their communities in meaningful ways. Today, there are approximately 1,300 programs.

In 1993, RSVP became part of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), which is a federal agency. CNCS was created to meet the personal, educational, environmental, and public safety needs of the United States, and to encourage citizens to volunteer, full or part time, regardless of age.

Senior Corps

RSVP or Retired Senior Volunteer Program is part of a national network of programs called Senior Corps that recruits adults 55 and older to use their talents and life experiences to help meet community needs through volunteer service. RSVP offers maximum flexibility and choice to its volunteers as it matches the personal interests and skills of older Americans with opportunities to serve in their communities. Volunteers provide millions of community service hours across the United States.

RSVP of Tuscaloosa / Hale Counties is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting community needs by placing volunteers in areas where their wisdom can make a difference. FOCUS on Senior Citizens of Tuscaloosa County has been the sponsor for RSVP since 1972.

Who can become an RSVP Volunteer?

Anyone who is 55 or older with a desire to be involved in their community by sharing their skills and talents can become an RSVP volunteer. There are no educational, income or experience requirements, nor dues or membership fees to join.

What can RSVP volunteers do?

Volunteers are matched with opportunities based on personal preference and the nature of the position. Each opportunity has a description to clarify specific duties, the training required, location of the station, etc. Additional opportunities are always being explored.

What does RSVP offer active volunteers?

· The opportunity to enhance current skills or learn new skills · Free supplemental insurance · RSVP Newsletter · Ongoing recognition

What are the benefits of volunteering?

· Social interaction and the chance to meet new people · Staying active and mentally engaged · Positively impacting the individuals you work with · Giving back to your community · Living a purposeful life · Can help reduce stress · Can discover hidden talents · Assist with uniting people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal